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Hi Brian,

Thanks, I didn;t what the green light was (I should really read the instructions) but if its good I must take it the red light isn't. As for part 2 ref. browse etc. I couldn't see a advised before I have only just become a member of this forum, so I'm sorry for being dumb.



Ok Computer,

Ialready tried the shutter button half way, that is my issue.

The camera then freeks a little and zooms in and out and then settles down, but never actually gets the zoom correct. I attempted the photo in day light.

I can only assume that the image I wanted to focus on was too far away? It was a swan on a river in excellent lighting. The camera settings were all over the place (As I wanted the best looking photo possible, so I experiemneted) They were either set to Auto, P or A. Does this help?

I checked out that fotopic website and its quite similar to Kodaks Ofoto. (Which I have just been messing about with) Are they similar? thought on that also would be nice.


Thank you both for prompt and informative replies.

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