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Thsi is Mt. Cheam taken from the south edge of town. It rarely snows here, the ground stays green all winter and snow is just a few hundred feet above us. There is a ski area just a half hour drive from us. You drive 11 klms uphill and enter real winter. It really is a beautiful area.

All the shots are with my Coolpix 8800, set at "extra" and on full auto. I am SO happy with this camera ! I wish you could see the full res originals on my new laptop. They are sharp, brilliant and colourful.

Thanks for all the nice pictures you've shared with me. It's nice to have new friends !

Happy New Year ! I still have 1 left out of a 4 pack of weird Irish beer my wife bought me, so I'll sign off while I still can !

Regards, The Scubbler, Steve ( not KennY Rodgers !)
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