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If you want to get a better shot of your child, yet freeze the action, you will need a fast shutter speed (minimum 1/250th).

However, at 1/250th, most indoor lighting will be too weak, resulting in a dark shot.

You have a couple of options:

1) Use a nice external flash and bounce it off the ceiling. Most flashes and cameras synch at about 1/250th or faster so that should freeze your child's acton. A sunpak 383 external flash can be had for about $60.

2) Light up the scene! Turn on all the indoor lights. If that's not enough, I use those little "chicken lamps" (just a cheap reflector with a bulb or better yet a compact flourescent screwed into it). Usually they have a built in clip. Just clip one or two of them to the back of a couple of chairs. That's a $10 lighting solution!

You can do some really creative lighting with chicken lamps. A friend of mine used tin foil stuck on boxes as reflectors. Three chicken lamps and some tin foil! I think he also did some diffuse lighting with some muslin cloth as well !

PS: I like Bill's cure for red eye! However, if you get too close your flash might overexpose the scene so you might have to dial down the flash strength. is offline   Reply With Quote