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Thanks for everyone's comments on the ISO issue. I am quite comfortable with the manual settings but on occasions, other members of the family may use the camera and they only want the auto mode so the Auto ISO would be useful. Other times, I may forget or do not have time to switch ISO settings (sometime every second counts in trying to capture a funny moment).

I got a call from Canon'stop customer rep today (different from the one I spoke to yesterday). He does not seem to be familire with the A95 and he does nothave one on hand to test what I described. He thinks the ISO should work from 50 to 400 automatically when set to the auto ISO mode but he is not sure. There is no mentioning of any limitation in the manual. He will check on this some more but will have to contact Japan.

I ran some more test in the fully AUTO mode. My camera only seem to go up to max ISO 100. Also I did not realized that the shutter speed only drops to 1/8 (not the full 15 seconds as in manual mode or Tv mode).

Like Nikolas, I also like to shoot in P mode, but prefer to leave the ISO in auto if it works the way it is supposed to. In P mode, I am still only getting maximum ISO 50 when set to auto ISO, but the time will go as low as 1 second. (again there is no mentioning of this shutter speed limitation in the manual).

I also tested again in the Tv mode with the ISO set to auto and manually from 50 to 400. I am only getting equivalent of ISO 50 in the auto ISO mode.

Going from ISO 50 to 400 will give methree extra steps to work with. If the Auto ISO worked as it is intended to, for night shots, mounted on a tripot, all I have to do is press the sutter (no use having flash as the subject is too far away) and I can get the proper exposure.

For indoor shots, some time I like to turn off the flash so I can get more natual shots. This also avoidthe double flash -the subjects often close their eyes on the second flash; it is also distracting for kids and they stop doing the intersting thing to look at the camera. Again the three steps can make sufficientdifference forthe shutter speed to avoid hand shakes, or a dark vs bright picture.

Canon also said to me that if I want higher ISO then I can set it manually. But my question to them is, why have an AUTO ISO setting, when it is stuck at ISO 50?

Canon also suggested that the camera is tryig to use the lower ISO to get a better picture; however, this is not a plausibe reason because the camera has already maxed out on the suhtter speed and aperature, and without an increase in ISO, I am getting an under exposed picture.
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