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Homedeopt worklights aremuch cheaper
I tried these lights before with my Canon Digital Rebel and absolutely hatedthem. All of my shots came out with a yellow tint to them. Yes, I was able to correct this with Photoshop, but this is very time consuming. I strated out with Smith Victor hot lamps and almost immediately went Alien Bees Studio Strobes. I would recommend getting those JTL strobes. You can get a 2 or 3 light kit for not much more than the hot-lamp kit.

To me strobes are much nicer to work with. they still have modeling lamps so you get to see you shadows placement the same but without so much heat. Plus the light is whiter which in the end makes editing much easier. When I shoot with strobes I can get my shots perfect off the camera requireing only blemish removal editing. is offline   Reply With Quote