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Mr_Saginaw wrote:
No shift here... I did a very quick and dirty unscientific test... basically put an X at the center of a piece of paper... put the X in the middle of the center AF point... Sure enough the X was right in the middle of the image.. so as far as i'm can tell the viewfinder is ok.. ymmv...

as far as the 3 position On/Off switch... i used the middle positon ONCE.... by accident.. :blah: And then there was time I wish I had used it because I accidently changed the expousure comp.... :? I'm guessing I'm like the majority and put the switch all the way up.... but it doesn't bother me one way or the other...

I'm not being picky (well I am really), but you avatar is anoying me

Maybe it's my display not set right but it looks really washed out.

The darker one looks better to me (Auto levels on PS)
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