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For3st wrote:
....The MPEG VX codec is much to uncompressed for storeing a whole movie (only 3 min. fits into 256 :roll

What do you think?
only 3 min fits into 256 if you record movie, but thats 640*480 resolution. we would need to resize the movie to the smallest possible resolution-LCD resolution maybe? i think that we could shrink one 700MB divx movie to 256MB. i am doing this with my mobile phone-divx movie shrinked to 50MB for my phone. CVonV said that It doesn't need .thm files. So, correct if I am wrong, the only problem is how to shrink movie like divx into MPEG VX format? is it a regular MPEG1 format or? My GSPOT codec information appliance says that movie taken with w1 is
***codec: MPEG1_Payload
***Sys Bitrate: 2913 kb/s
***size 1.72 MB (or 1,763 KB or 1,805,495 bytes) for 5 sec movie
***kpbs movie [email protected]
***audio codecs MPEG-1 Layer 2
***audio bitrate 32000Hz 64 kb/s (1 chnl)
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