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Default Flash overexposure on a G-3

Just purchased my G-3 the day before Thanksgiving. Just starting to get used to it. My other camera is a Elan II E Cannon SLR. ne of the factors when considering the G-3 is that it would provide ETTL metering with a 550 EX flash that I have.

Do digital cameras have different flash properties than an SLR? Even with the small built in flash I have a tendency to overexpose the shots on the G-3. With the 550 EX flash, it's way over exposed. I have to turn the flash off, even in the full auto mode.

What I am thinking is that this being my first digital camera I am not used to the low light properties of it and don't need a flash as often as I would a SLR. Is this true or do you think I have a problem with my camera??
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