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i have just bought the ez30 and am not disapointed. its all about what you can afford. the 5mp version may be great , but its prob also quite expensive, and if your buying this camera for what its intended for, point and shoot, then you dont need 5 mp, unless your printing out things bigger than A2 size! i got mine for bringing out on the town as its ultra small, takes a great picture, and battery life is super long. the size is great. fits in with my phone in my pocket and i dont even know its there!. anyway , if you need to print out huge posters , get a proper camera rather than this one ( i recommend a panasonic lumix as i like them), but if the camera is just for fun snaps when your out and about and dont want to be restricted by carrying around a huge expensive camera, then the z30 is more than perfect for the job. hope this helps
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