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Dear Strider,

In your print application, click on Printers. (Obviously, the IP4000.) In addition to selecting 'Manual' on the Main page, click on Manual and select 'none' under 'Print Type.' Thisallows the custom profile you've selected inyour print application to govern. Otherwise you run the risk of additive (thus presumably erroneous) profiling.

I'm not a guru, but this procedure has produced good-looking results for me.

When I first set upmy IP4000, I selected Adobe 1998 RGB asthe default color space. I shoot all my exposures, and do all my editing, in Adobe 1998 RGB. This keepsthings simple, as I don't have to remember to convert at any point along the way.

Print quality issues may arise where your printer's color spaceis set, for example, tosRGB, but you're sending it files in anothercolor space such asAdobe 1998 RGB.

I hope this description of my experience is of some help.
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