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NickTrop wrote:
Awwwwwwwww. I'm flattered/honored/blushing... but I'm just a rank amature. She really does have talent though. Archive those jpegs of hers. Those will - I'm sure, be cherished in the years to come. You know how fast they grow up... When your elderly aunt pinched your cheek as a kid and said, "look how big you got".... she wasn't kiddin'!
Nick, I hope one day I make it to rank amateur. You do really nice work.

It is so true that they grow up quick. I remember the day she was born, the next thing I know here comes her 12th birthday. I know the day will come when I'll be standing at the door waving goodbye as she goes to start her own life. Enjoy your kids while you can. There only children once.

nooner wrote:
They all look great. Another example of the FZ1v2 quality. I may have to get one just for some added fun:arrow::idea::!:

You hear that so much, but it's true. The FZ1v2 is truly a one of a kind camera. It certainly has a special something about it. I was reading on the Panasonic worldwide site about the first time Pana and Leica started to work together. From what I understand, Pana was showing some test images to Leica from the preproduction model and Leica told Pana to take it back and rework the camera. After a few times of that, Pana brought something to the table that pleased both Leica and themselves. Thus was born the FZ1. I think in time it will become a classic to us FZ1 owners.

bobc wrote:
Fox wrote:
I think if she stays with this she might one day be able to make it as a pro, but at 12yrs old you never know what they will end up doing for a living.
Make her do it now... When you are my age... She can take care of you...:idea::G:G:G

Just kidding, but she is a natural...


Bob, That's a good one! Elizabeth and I had a good laugh when I showed that one to her.

erkada wrote:
Awesome shots. I like the lizard one the best.
erkada, I liked the lizard too. Looks like a little dinosaur to me.

vIZnquest wrote:
I will have to give credit to you Fox in encouraging your daughter in this wonderful hobby that could very well become a profession for her. The shots are just excellent. I long for better weather so I can get out there and get some shots like that. It will have to wait though and until then I look forward to more postings by you and your daughter.



Tom,Thank you for your kind words. Hope the weather gets better for you soon. Looking forward to seeing more pictures from you as well.
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