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Red Man wrote:
Well the Safesync would protect the camera not the strobes.
Exactly my point!

Folks tend to be camera 'centric' - focusing on onlypart ofthe issue

Studio Strobes are like camera lenses and one can spend many time more $ here than the body itself (some heads cost even more that the lens/camera combined)! The problem is also more prevalentoverthis sidesince there's always a need for more lights, and the requirements to combine heads from various parties/vendors... including the regular external flash from the camera's maker itself!

Manufacturers are fully aware of thisproblem (and so does the ISO/IEC), the 'good' manufacturers design in this possibility -while the 'not-so-good' put a warning in their manual against such practice...

PS - wireless trigger are not immune to this problem either :idea:
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