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Do keep in mind that I could write a review like that for any camera I want right now. These reveiws are not trustworthy.

for instance the one linked to is:

"reviews Written by
HeavyElectronicsBuyer "Aaava" (Brighton, MA USA)"

Also, there is a review for the george forman grill right below it. That said, I always recommend and extended warrenty
for items like this anyway. Its well worth it, I work in QA, so I know all to well how crappy product can get out.

Also, I notice this guy says he used a lens converter and lenses with it the first day he got it. It's possible he did somethinhg that caused the lens to not protrude properly...

I must admit, My A70 died this way. not E18, but with a similar lens in/out problem. I bought an S1IS expecting that after 2yrs of watching there cameras die, canon learned something..I know the S1 uses USM, it should have better lens mech then the older stuff did...

P.S. I did google canon e18, and guess what? This thread was listed 6th from the top and was the only mention of S1IS w/e18..
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