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I didnt set the WB I used the auto setting but I am now setting it manually. I tried curves in PS but shots looked weird using s-curve I just used the auto color and auto balance which I know lol is a no-no. I now use levels and push it in save and use neat image, then bring back in PS and unsharpen mask then resize. The lighting in that gym is atrocious. The other factor is J-album which I use to put the pictures up with uses its own compression and resizing methods. I agree the Oly pics seem brighter but the action was way to blurred. I found a link here in this forum on a tip in improving shots after neat image using a layer adjustment and that seems to help out. The originals uncompressed and with a little more effort in PS look alot better but because of size constraints i had to compromise for the web. These shots were better check them out an let me know I appreciate your opinion
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