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Hi guys, I deal mainly in the computer world and have just recently jumped semi-seriously back into photography. I use newegg a LOT in my line and I have seen with the popularity of the Kingmax SD cards, that a lot of you shop for your memory at newegg. Since they carry a scant few models of panasonic camera models, I emailed them and recommended that they carry the FZ line. I got a reply back from them today:

Your request for listing the Panasonic digital camera's was looked over, and our purchasing department has informed me that an order was made, but we do not currently have an estimated date of delivery for that product. (Aprox. 5 - 8 days before we'd receive the shipment.)
Thank you for your suggestion, please look for that item to appear shortly on our website.
Obviously, they probably won't have the selection of accessories and lenses, etc like at some of the better online photo stores but newegg does a good job offering products at a really good cost and this, to me, is good news. There was no confirmation as to which specific models but I mentioned the FZ3/15/20 in my initial email.
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