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This discussion brings me to a question I've wanted to ask here about a film camera but have avoided doing because, after all, this IS a digital camera forum. I hope you all will indulge me this one time. I shoot digital most of the time, but I still like using b&w film occasionally. Until recently, my 35mm cameras have been older, manual focus models. My extended family is at the point where there are lots of little kiddies running around now. I found that I missed too many shots of them because I simply couldn't focus fast enough to catch them before they moved. On a whim, I picked up a cheap, used Olympus 35mm with auto focus and a built in 28-120mm zoom lens and pop-up flash. The camera serves the purpose when I'm outdoors; however, what I didn't count on was the shutter lag indoors due to the pre-flash for redeye reduction. Obviously, I should have gotten a camera that would accept an external flash. I only paid $100 for the Olympus. I realize I'm going to have to spend more than that, but I really don't want to lay out a thousand bucks for an SLR with fast auto focus. When I spend that much, I'll be looking to go DSLR. I'd like your recommendations on a good consumer level 35mm auto focus SLR and a zoom lens with a range similar to the Olympus' 28-120mm. I have a nice Promaster 5900 flash with the standard module so it would be nice if the camera would work with that, but I could always purchase another module if necessary. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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