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zacker wrote:
ok.... i see. so, i guess what i just wanted to know is.... what the heck is the difference between a pro model and a prosumer model? i mean, there dont seem to be all that much excep for the price tags and how good a lense comes with it stock??

just curious is all... trying to learn. :idea:

A camera like the EOS-1V that erics and Meryl Arbing mentioned is a Pro model.

It's got a metal body,very fast frame rate,larger/brighter viewfinder, environmental sealing,a vastly superior Autofocus System (speed, realiability, able to focus in lower light, track rapidly moving subjects), a shutter designed for 150,000 actuations (probably 5-10 times what a consumer model is designed for), better external controls, features, etc.

The entry level SLR models are slower, cheaper build quality, no environmental sealing,inferior Autofocus System, smaller and dimmer viewfinder, not as many features....

Now, an entry level SLR model can take photos that are just as nice as a "pro" body, given the correct focus, exposure, lens quality, etc.Most amateurs don't really need the speed/features/reliability of a pro model, depending on the conditions they'll be using a camera in.

Many pros may not need a "pro" body either.After all, any camera that can make them moneycould beconsideredto be "pro". ;-)
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