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That was uncalled for and had nothing to do with my question. I do not believe that I have recently (if ever) entered a state of euphoria and nor do I behave irrationally or slur my speech. I'd say that anyone who would think me on drugs after only reading 2 posts and then posts it with no evidence (not even heresay) exhibits more of the irrational behavior enduced by your quaaludes than I ever have in my entire life. Furthermore, the only drugs I have ever taken are either prescription or over the counter medication and used only for my allergies and the occasional headache (though, I rarely take headache medication because I do not believe in overmedicating myself for much the same reason quaaludes are bad: the fact that the body or the microbes become tolerant rendering the medication useless). However if you wish to make baseless accusations about me, I suggest you type them up in an email or letter and send them to someone who cares, like the recycle bin, or a paper shredder. Unless I am mistaken (which, after reading several posts in various forums, I do not believe I am) this forum is for people to help eachother with problems concerning digital cameras!
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