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Thanks for the photozone site, Jim. Besides the lens ratings, it had some very good SLR user reviews. I had actually worked my way "up the SLR ladder" to the N8008s before I posted here. The price is very attractive; it can be had for about what I paid for the Olympus camera; however, after reading the reviews, I decided it wouldn't quite fit my needs. The Minolta Maxxum 5 costs only a bit more and got rave reviews, especially for auto focus speed and accuracy. Since I'm leaning heavily toward the new Minolta DSLR (or its successor) when I move up to a DSLR, I think the Maxxum 5 will work well as the "kiddie cam" I want now; and I can begin a careful accumulation of lensesto use later with Minolta's DSLR. Thanks again for the guidance. It was immensely helpful.
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