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I don't think that media type should be too much of a deterrent to buying a specific camera, if it does the things you want, and handles well. The likelihood of a media type being totally withdrawn from the market when millions of people own cameras (and other types of devices too) that take that media type is very slim. e.g. you can still easily buy 8mm video tape even though Hi-8, Digital-8 and DV are trying to saturate the market. You can still buy 110 size film even though I haven't seen a person with that camera type for years. Once you have a few large cards, it's unlikely you'll need more cards several years down the road, within the life expectancy of a current digital camera. You'll either outgrow it, or something you just can't do without will appear on the market to supplant it. And then you can always find used cards if everyone else is upgrading and dumping their old equipment.
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