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bobc wrote:
rduve wrote:
I am not sure if that was genuine or sarcastic. :-) In any case, to answer both of the previous postings. I don't consider myself in any "camp" at all. And if I made a statement about the Canon's clear superiority, I have to admit that this is purely subjective, based only on what I see with my eyes. Which, to me, is the deciding factor. My whole evaluation was done on large prints I made from Steve's images and looking at them closely. While I found that the Canon's are sharper and more like you are "right there" vs. most other brands, I did not notice any tradeoff in the form of jagged lines at all. Maybe the lab tests prove me wrong, but this is what I see clearly in front of me. I had done the same tests before purchasing the Canon G5 in the first place. At the time I compared it to the Minolta Z1 and Kodak 6490. I had come up with the same conclusion then, leading me to purchase my first Canon.

In any case, I still long for that 10-12x zoom. I am holding on for the next generation to find my perfect match, and I am taking gorgeous shots with my Canon G5 in the meantime. By the way, here is another endorsement for Canon: The i9900 printer blows away my previous Epson 1280 printer, in image quality, color balance, saturation, and speed.

Thanks, Guys!

Why don't you back up your findings with some pics. Let everyone see the results with their own eyes.

If you want to prove a point... Prove a point... Don't just state one...

If you don't post the proof... I guess your just talking sh****t...:blah:

Point well made Bobc

all Lumix from FZ1 to the FZ20 are fine camera's
They are well respected here in this forum.
As bobc said if you have objective proof of canon superiority post it ...
An btw who else has prosumer digi cams with 12x zoom AND f2.8 over the WHOLE range AND sharp.
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