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RDUVE, if you get the in camera sharpening setting to LOW you will also be able to apply "Sharpen More" in Photoshop or, in case of a resized image,"SHARPEN" without much aliasing on screen.

One more point in which FZ should beat G5: Leica great 432mm zoom seems to have less PF and CA than G5, for which I have seen horrible things in this respect.

But no cam is perfect as we know, and all the cameras pics "as out of the Cam" can greatly benefit of PP.

As I said perhaps FZ3-10-15-20 won't have those well saturated colors like Canons and the Canon exposures metering, but for most of the shots FZ Ultra zooms allow to take, the only alternative is DSLR.

Many persons have a Nikon D70or Canon D300/D20 with FZ20 and -believe me- they often renounce to the better image quality in favor of FZ20 "aLL in one":from 2-3 cm macros to very distant objects with one lens and far less worrying about add on lenses packs...

WIth some PP you can throw the noise off of the underexposed zones in FZ20 pics and you can retouch colors and saturation as you want.

But you can't help without that 12x zoom.

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