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Hi, I have been in Bangkok now for a week. Finding my way around here is fun with my pigeon Thai. It sure tests people. I think they understand my English better.

Pantip Plaza is one of the major IT centres in Bangkok. You can buy just about anything including pirate versions of software, movies and MP3s. Lots of shops stock the Panasonic FZ20 camera with a bit of variation in price. I finally got to take some pictures with one. Was able to zoom in on a guy about 10 metres away and get a close up of his face. He had no idea he’d been taken. It probably wasn’t in focus; I don’t think you take great photos with this camera without a bit of practice.

I asked about a guarantee. She told me it had an international guarantee. When I asked to see the document her English started to break down and she turned the camera over, showed me the serial number and said, ‘See-re-al num-bair Pan-a-son-eek’. And that was about all I could get from her.

Can one of you FZ20 owners tell me if it is normal to get your guarantee on paper?


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