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Default Canon S9000 Owners & users

I don't want to hear from Epson, HP or any other printer owners just from Canon S9000 users. I have Epson 640 for over 6 years but it's acting up so i'm moving on. I like a lot of what Canon offers in this printer, Their print drivers sound impressive, the optical ink level checker sounds like it's better than Epson cart chip (never will refill a cart so forget that), The speed i hear can't be matched, Heads that can be changed by user and not a techinican really must be $$ & time saver. Cons i keep reading is this printer drinks ink like booze to a drunken sailor. Only Canon paper can be used becasue all other brands produce less quilty out put. Is the one paper feed good enough for all thickness papers? This will be primary printer when Epson dies so will it do text on plane paper. Now when talking plain paper i'm not meaning Kodak bright white 108+brightness or Canon brilliant white paper I'm talking the cheaper real plain paper which is about $2- $3 packs used for every day printing. I have found that these Kodak and Canon papers do put out very good text when it counts like reports and such. This printer carrys a big price tag $430 i've seen so would would really like input from users.

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