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js63 wrote:
I have also been told that Panasonic, Thailand will not honour warranties for cameras bought in, or imported indirectly from, another country. Funny, I thought Panasonic was an international company. Lets face it, a camera is one item you buy to travel with. If a warranty is not international it is not worth much to someone like me who might 'live' in up to four countries over a year.


I agree 100%. I've never understood the BS behind warrenties. It's probably some lawyer type thing and different countries require different guarentees. Then again, I would guess you could send it to the original coutry of purchase for service if need be..

Warrenties mean very little to me anyway. It's been my personal experience, with ALL electronics, that if the unit fails, it will do so one (1) day AFTER the warrenty expires anyway. Toshiba 5 disc DVD player ($500 original cost). Dell Computer ($1200 original cost).. I just hope my little panasonic doesn't follow suit.

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