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Ok, so today I went to the dealer I bought the P93 (but got the P93A). I first told about that LCD conspiracy thingy. Although they understood the problem, they wouldn't give me a refund or something like that, unfortunately. And actually, I'm fine with the LCD, it's just that I paid for the original, that it doesn't feel right.

So I went to ask what other good camera in the likes of the P93 there is.

The W1, like you (plural) mentioned indeed is a good alternative, though it's about 120 bucks more expensive, considering I bought the )93 for 70 cheaper, as it was a sale (€230,-).

They also demonstrated the V1, but that piece is a bit too pricey (450 +). The W1 is €350,-.

Oh and I also saw the F88 (the one with the twisting lens vertically) for 300,-.

I see it also has a Carl Zeiss lens, just like the W1, don't know about the flash.

But the twisting thing seems interesting for making pictures easier, but is it as good as the P93?
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