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Searched the forum and was glad when I received a hit with exactly the decision I hadreached cross-roadsat! And then came the bad news that the topic received No replies

Could someone out here with all their expertise put in a word or two in favour of either of the 2 cameras? My research brought me to these two primarily because of the AA batteries they use. I've always been a fan of Fuji stuff and hence the direction in which I looked.

The Fuji has 6MP and 4X Optical Zoom as against the Sony which has 5MP and 3X and would normally be preferred without a thought. However, I've got the Fuji 2800 (yeah, a lil old), and hence no for sure that Fujis generally have a weak View Finder and LCD in areas with less light. Don't know if this has been improved upon since, but yeah, its a lil bugging not to see what you are taking and then just see the final result. The result is good, its just that one does not know what is being shot until captured!

Any advises will be really appreciated.

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