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Treemonkey wrote:
Hi playlong,
I have noticed in a couple of your posts including this one that your photos have noticeable noise. Do you like the effect of graininess that higher ISO gives you or is it a matter or shutter speed?

I am not crazy aboutthe noise inthis shot. [ISO 200 F4.5 at 1/400]. I needed the DOF and enough speed to give an 80% action freeze.I would have liked ISO 100, but the numbers did not work. This was not an hmm not let me see shot. I ran half way around a pond while changing to my LP and nailed it perfectly.

I guess it depends on the shot and what I am trying to accomplish, the last thing I am going to think about is noise.I do a lot of AL and the noise seems more pleasing in some of those shots. I feel if the picture is pleasing at 8x11 that is OK.

I skipped the FZ20 because I knew it would be worse for me.Panasonic pushed the CCD past the limit. Maybe the "FZ30"will have a new CCD.

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