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Markiemark and Voxmanga both of you: yhanks for your reply, and thanks for the link for the guide.

I'm think i will buy the Olumpus c4000z although i'm very apealed about the smaal canon s230/v3, mainly for its size, you can take it just everywhere. But i feel the Oly is the better camera, giving you more photographic freedom. And i guess with the Oly there should be a lesser redey-problem. I don't like the idea of taking people shots in lowlight with flash and then afterwards having to reduce the redeye trough software.

Maybe i'll buy a really small camera like the canon s230 or the sony uz 20 in the future, or whatever new models comes out in the future, and maybe a manufacturer will solve the redeye problem on really small digicams, who knows.

BUT for now i'm going for the Oly C4000Z

Thanks a lot guys.

(Man i really need to start shorten my comments, or people will get bored reading my comments)

See ya!!!!!!
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