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I don't necessarily agree that you need protection for the lens. I've had my FZ10 since it was first released and the lens coating is still perfect. I take it out in my boat often and have to clean salt spray from it. The lens coating is harder than some people think.

Someone pointed out that you might do damage in a strong wind on a beach, or someplace similar with blowing sand. Unless it was a gale I doubt it would damage the lens coating unless you wiped it without blowing all the sand off or brushing it off with a soft make-up brush. And you would want to do that with a filter as well. The lens shade protects the lens pretty well in most circumstances. I do pay special care to not scratch the lens when I have the lens shade off for flash shots.

I don't disagree that some filters are desirable. I just don't think the camera needs protection in most cases. And an extra piece of glass doesn't do much harm if it is high quality, but a UV filter doesn't do anything good either.

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