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TimvdVelde wrote:
why would you zoom... with a W/A converter....

I would only use the 25mm to 35mm angle... no - I would only use the 25mm angle
Just as for teleconverters.. I would only use it at max zoom
In truth you are correct one should use the WA at base zoom. But the Tele-extender is slightly different.

Theeffective zoomrange is the "X" position at which the tele-extender passes the basic cameras maximum zooms.

Effect zoom range formula:

(FZ mm max zoom) / TC magnification / FZ mm min zoom = minimum effective range:

Here is the formula for Tcon14B 420 / 1.45 /35 = 8.27X (419.7025 mm)

To get maximum quality always shoot at 8.27x and above.
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