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mtritt wrote:
I know this has been posted on this group and the answer is buried in a thread somewhere. I tried searching for it, but just couldn't locate it. Please pardon the redundancy.

Is filter order important? I picked up a Hoya UV and Tiffen polarizer (still awaiting delivery of the Hoya). If I'm out in the open daylight all day, there are times that I would want to put the polarizer on, but would mostly have it off. I would think that the polarizer can be screwed onto the front threads of the Hoya for ease of use. And now that I'm thinking about it, I hope the Hoya has front threads. Of course, if the UV filters goes on top of the polarizer, then...

All info welcome.


Yes, but too much glass. You can loose up to 3 f-stops and never go out without your hood. The FZ zoom needs a hood on at all times except on-boardflash.
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