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I cant quite agree that its all that sad. I followed those threads at dpreview (gallerg showed up a week ago) and they brought a high degree of happiness. The story this guy had dreamed up and was feeding us was very endearing.The fantastic results of his imagination were right there before our eyes. The vast majority of people on the photo forums are whatwould have beencalled hackers in the sense ofone who enthusiastically pursues a game or sport (just stole that from GuruNet). galleryg took us for a nice ride and I enjoyed it.To bad about mplonsky's sudden fame and appreciation. I really cant feel too sorry for him. In some waysgallery used the internet in a uniquely internet way. There is no other medium that could have done that. To where you thought you were on the cutting edge of pure revelation. That it turned out to be a hoax doesnt really lessen the revelation.
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