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Great shots, Tim! Now I'm jealous. Again {what color was Axis' jealousy, again? ; } ...I don't see a problem with that pole you mentioned - the bird still stands out. I take it you are doing what you did with the deer for post-production - blurring/defocusing all but the subject.

I don't feel you are close to oversharpening, but that's a personal preference. Lately I've been varying the sharpening a lot depending on subject when I make my net-sized images. Some things I want to look gritty, and none of these are even close to that.

Yeah, nice that you didn't blow the highlights on the swan, I've been more cognizant of that lately with mountains-swathed-in-snow shots. If there's detail there, I certainly want to keep it. I was sometimes reaching for -.3 or -.7 then...

The desaturating the background trick is lately becoming a fave for me too, if I'm actually taking something I consider to have a background - I really need to switch mindset away from wider vistas where I consider every detail in the pic part of the subject ; }
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