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jsiladi wrote:
While in office max the other day I glanced at the HP scanners. I don't know if they are any good or not but they came built in with film holders for transparancy scanning. Both were under $150.. Another is an epson 3200 (I beleive).. it's capable of scanning films up to 4x5 (possibly more).. Price last time I looked was roughly $350+ depending on the software options.

Jeff -

OK, thanks, my wife has used this kind of setup for scanning slides, worked out OK. I always thought these did slides only, but she says it does negatives (HP Scanjet 5370C). Amazon doesn't sell the Epson 3200 new anymore, but they sell the 3170 for about $200, does film, slides and medium format using adapters to hold the media. The 47 reviews average to 4 stars out of 5. Key specs:

# Scanner type: Flatbed
# Scanning area: 8.5" x 11.7" (216 mm x 297 mm)
# Resolution: Optical resolution: 3200 dpi; hardware resolution: 3200 x 6400 dpi maximum with Micro Step Drive technology; maximum resolution: 12,800 x 12,800 dpi with interpolation; effective pixels: 27,200 x 37,440 (3200 dpi)
# Color depth: 48-bits per pixel internal, 48-bits per pixel external (External bit depth is selectable to 48 bits depending on the image editing software)
# Gray scale: 16-bits per pixel internal, 16-bits per pixel external (External bit depth is selectable to 16 bits depending on the image editing software)
# Optical density: 3.4 Dmax
# Scanning speeds: 8.7 msec/line at 3200 dpi; 2.8 msec/line at 600 dpi

May be the best option for a hobbyist like me? :?:
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