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Default Olympus D-600L Smart Media Upgrade

Hi Everyone,

I own the forementioned camera and recently resolved to purchase a new 128meg SM card for it. Luckily I came across this site and managed to save myself from wasting AUD$120 on a card that is incompatible with my camera. I believe that the maximum size this camera can accept is 32meg but the older cameras produced must be upgraded to allow this. I noticed that the cut-off date for this service was the 31 December which is just my luck. I was wondering of there is any way to tell if my camera will accept the larger SM sizes (16 or 32mb) without having to purchase a card or send it to Olympus? Also I have seen various software programs and hacks that can allow a person to communicate with their camera from a PC. Is there a way to upgrade the firmware myself by using an official or 'unofficial' firmware upgrade?

Thanks in advance,
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