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I love it! I haven't needed to drive up to Nikon in Melville, NY for almost a month now (usually I stopped by every two weeks for a free sensor cleaning). Works as advertised. You may or may not require an AC adapter to do the cleaning (for mirror lock up). Some people say they can do just fine setting the camera on bulb and doing the cleaning that way, but I prefer the safety of knowing the shutter won't close unexpectedly should the camera's batteries run dry mid cleaning, or your finger slip off the shutter button (that is IF you can't make use of a remote cable release with lock). AC adapters too aren't perfect, as they will be interrupted during a power outage (some hook up their AC adapters to an uninterruptible power supply). I decided since I have a Digital Camera Battery to purchase the specific cable for my D100 and power the camera that way for mirror lock up. The battery pack is nearly 4 times stronger than a single EN-EL3 and also has a power gauge to alert me long before it's depleted. Now I can do a sensor cleaning on the go and without outlets if necessary. It's not fail proof, but the cable was cheaper than Nikon wanted for their AC adapter :-)

Crazydrummer, post shoot cleaning is a big hassle for large volumes of images. I haven't used Nikon Capture's dust off feature, but I prefer to clean my sensor before any important event, and to change lenses with body face down to avoid any dust from falling in - do avoid wind as well, especially marine breezes as they carry not only dust, but lots of salt water molecules as well Those a simple sensor brush session can not remove, and you'll either need to use Visibledust's other products, a sensor swab or equivalent with Eclipse fluid, or like me, have Nikon do the wet cleaning for free
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