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spotmeter wrote:
I can't seem to get DPP (which came with my [email protected]) to convert my RAW files to 8 bit TIFF so that I can import them into PS Elements 3 and edit, sharpen and print them.

I click on File, go down to convert, and a box opens up on the screen. I choose 8 bit TIFF and hit 'enter' and a screen comes up that says 'Please Wait' I wait forever, hear the hard drive clicking away, and finally the disk stops. I go to the folder where I sent the TIFF and nothing is there.

Any suggestions?
I'm not sure what a [email protected] is, but presume DPP is Digital Photo Professional from Canon. I don't have this software nor a Canon camera so no direct knowledge to help you. But the fact that you are waiting forever and then nothing happens would suggest a corrupt or missing file in DPP. If you go here,

You can download the latest version, 1.5, of DPP. There are a couple of cautionary notes you should read before downloading.

If I guessed right, I hope this helps. If not, sorry.


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