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My thanks to all for youradvice and delicately worded explanations. I don't begrudge an honest critical appraisal of any of my posts. It's not necessary to approach me with any more than reasonable politeness, even so, my compliments to all of you for an outstanding example of diplomacy. Amazingly, no one tried to stir the pot. A lot of thought was put into this topic, much of it to point out to me the benign nature of comments I took exception to. For whatever reason, this particulair "style" of advice is not to my liking, and having made that clear, and seeing a new forum being offered, I will let this lie. Some time ago I PM'd this critic and did so in the hope we could debate this privately without distracting other members, and conclude this in a friendly fashion. I got a reply through the forum declining my offer. Either way we have a conclusion, and I'm ok with it. Best regards,

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