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Here I agree with picguy; the P150/200 is really portable, but again for most purposes I question whether the p200 is necessary over the P150. I have an A3 printer which I use in conjunction with my my Nikon D70, like picguy has a Rebel. Not many people ever use A3 printing, confining what they do print to 7x5 or perhaps A4, so in this case the P150 will do the job just as well as the P200.

I think the trouble is that you are getting sucked in by reading too much. Both picguy and I agree that a 28mm lens makes a darn sight more sense than the 38mm of the Sony, and is incredibly useful. If you have never used one you can't understand, but in the DSLR range I couldn't operate without my 17/55 lens. The wide angle is so creative and useful. As regards the video, are you going to take that much and is the difference in quality that great? I don't know because if I wanted a video camera I would have bought one, but I bought my cameras for still purposes. Whatever, a still camera is for photos with the video feature a secondary matter, not the other way round.

I still stand by my choice, given the requirements stated, of the S60. The P150 has given me a lot of problems when flash is required - low light - with blurred photos, and this apparently is quite well known with this range of cameras including the P200 I guess. In it's favour it is very portable, but the S60 isn't much bigger and has the extra features of manual override should you wish to push the envelope further than point and press. I know I wish I had bought it instead of my P150, purely because you get a lot more camera for your money
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