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pschooley1 wrote:
Pretty good examples of how fstop affect light and DOF. I probably could have raised the flash to 1/8 power at f8.0 with good results but I wanted to change only f settings in this test.

I couldnt resist playing with some post. Here is #2 cropped, USM, and a bit of levels adjustments.

pschooley, as you know from a different thread, I got a 285HV the other day and was just thinking this morning how people use a flash for macro pics. I also ordered the Omni with the flash. Boy thus it cut down on the light output. The little paper that came with it says 2.5 times reduction! I took some inside pics last nite using different settings on the flash as well as different Fstops. The dial arrangement for the auto modes seems to work pretty good as to exposure. I see that you mention 1/8 power mode, mine only has 1/2 and then drops to 1/16? I wonder why there isn't a 1/8 mode. Anywho, I have to believe that 1/16 mode w/omni must not give much light output. I think that the omni bounce is going to be definitely trial and error in my estimation.... Your thoughts and experience in this area would be appreciated.. thanks, Gerry
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