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I looked at the initial photo - saw it, liked it, thought it was very good. Would have posted... nice shot, pretty model, etc.

Then I read your critique. Wow. Right on the money. I went back and forth between each comment going, uh huh, yep, didn't notice that. WOW! I still like the photo, but I see the its flaws that I would have othewise overlooked. That's not to take anything away from the photographer or the photo. I still like it.

I would love to develop an eye that's as critical as yours. Only by such feedback do you really learn how a professional "sees" a subject, what to look for, where the landmines are.

If you ever want to jump over to the Panasonic forum (...we're all amatures, which is why we bought Lumixes. I use the FZ-1v2, fine for me for now, as I develop. :G "Just enough camera" for me for now, plus it's small. ) and critique any photos I ever post, and take the time to provide such a detailed analysis...

WOW... I would be grateful and honored! Not sure how anyone else would react but you can't buy that kind of feedback. Well, actually you can but it costs a lot.


Nick T-
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