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Thank you all for your inputs?

I am no enemy of 28mm, in fact I was almost sold on to S70, till I saw a lot many complaints about it's low light focussing problems.

And yes , I too want my camera to do quality stills , and then if it does good vidio too, it is a bonus. After all a poratable camera is supposed to be carried anywhere, which we can't do with vidio cameras, as they are bulky.

To cut a long story short, How is your experience of S70's low light focussing? And yes I may seem to be a victim of reading too much. That's because all the time I could get only the views of people who have used any one camera, not both. And I don't believe the experts most of the time because their assessments are based on the cameras available on the date. A camera which is smash hit now may lose it's shhen to some other model later .

Sorry for this long winded explanation. I really would like to have a opinion of a person who has used both the cameras. Pity, the reviewers never tell as to how certain cameras stack up against each other.

So Cameranserai, how's your experience of low light focussing of S70? Thanks in adavnce.
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