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Getting the white balance right is critical to good infra-red photography. The D70 can measure and set white balance if pointed at a grey card. For infra-red, this grey card happens to be any expanse of grass in full sunlight. So if your camera can measure white balance, simply put the filter onto the camera and meter off a patch of grass that is illumiated by the sun.

That sepia tone is out-of-camera. The white vegetation is a result of the white balancing above. Some things (such asMrs_Arizona_Steve's hair!) come out blue. I wonder if there is some relationship between the infra-red wavelengths and the colors that are created on my infra-red images.

DSLRs have infra-red blocking filters of varying effectiveness. Almost all will work with a Hoya R72 or Wratten 89B filter. Both filters are extremely deep red when viewed against a bright light. The Wratten 87C is a far denser filter (completely black), and may not work. Infra-red filters are not cheap, so stick with a less dense filter to start off with.

Hope this is enough to get you started. Looking forward to seeing the results.
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