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Well, many people using on-line shops and very happy. But IMHO for $75 I would not bother. Except of P&H you also need to add posting insurance - another 10 bucks or so. Plus some goods does not have international warranty and if something happens you have to post it back at your own expense. Plus majority Internet prices are tax free and you have to pay tax (can be avoided, but illegal). Plus I would trust only "proper" resellers - big specialized on-line shop with established reputation. Also you can negotiate and buy some goods locally even cheaper - would you believe it or not I have a better deal for my *istDS + lens + battery and charger ($1299AUD) from my local reseller than any advertise prices on Internet. And last but not least - lets support local industry! But at the end of the end it is personal choice and once again many people using on-line shops and very happy.
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