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Don't panic, we've all been there!

I use photoshop elements to resize my photo's but any decent photo program should be able to let you resize the picture.

In elements I select the photo I want then on the FILE in the tool bar select save for web.

The images are loaded and down the right hand side I just put the longest measurement to 700pixels the other moves with it.

I then increase or decrease the amount of compression(its on a scale just above the resize box) I do this so that the size of file is less than 240kb shown at the bottom of the image.

I then save this in a file and when you reply to a post click on the browse button to locate your file.

Sorry for the very poor description and you may not have elements, in the newbie subforum I think there is a written procedure with screen shots on how to upload the pictures.

Hope it helps a bit still not very good with all this myself.


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