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kung-fu-alien wrote:
Hi Rodney,

Thanks for your advice about a more neutral background, as you can see I did a rough edit of the original shot and removed the design from the mat, and I see what you mean, our Daughter now stands out more.

So at a guess, would a good rule to go by be, when trying to capture shots of my daughter try to place her on a neutral light background, and take the shot slightly bigger than I would want to allow for editing, etc?

Kung Fu Alien
The edited version looks much better. If your daughter is wearing light tones as in this image, then you want a light or pale tone background. If she were wearing something darker, then darker background material will work best.

It's always good to leave a little room for cropping, however, you do not want to leave too much and end up with an over cropped image.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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