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Here is my take on it, I nearly lost this, during a font change photoshop had a c++ error and as soon as I would hit OK I knoew I would loose my work, it let me open and zoom ut not save so I screen grabbed the 3 versions I had open and pasted into another app, restarted PS and although I have no history I got 90% back :?

Any way, the how and why: I played with a few things and then the look reminded of porcelain, so I played with a mosaic effect, then masked out the background then slowly masked out sections of the mosaic to make it less intense, this added that nice aged cracked look. Then once I had that I duplicated and screened the laer to get the color I desired. Then added a border, then the text (this is when it crashed..grrr) silly me did not save after the masking work which is random so annoying.

posted, then reposted with a slight white to allow you to see the black frame.
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