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I've had one of these cameras for 3 years from new.

1 Smartmedia cards are almost obsolete and have always been slow to transfer their data.The only time I have noticed the LCD blacking out is when the flash unit is recharging - not when data is being transferred from the card to the camera.

2 Battery life is somewhat deficient.I make sure I have 1 or 2 spares.The battery discharges slowly even when the camera is switched off since it is still providing a memory function.

3 I have always found that with any digital camera you do need to select a higher shutter speed than you would use for example with a 35mm camera since you are using a chip about 1/4 of the size of a 35mm frame.I try to use >1/250sec or if not possible then I will try to support it some other way.Camera shake also beccomes more evident as you extend the zoom range since you are effectively magnifying the - already small- image.

Apart from the above issues I have no other complaints about this camera apart from the lack of dioptric correction on the optical viewfinder - I wear glasses .
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