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I was thinking about to by the Pana FZ20, but have now turned a little towards the Coolpix mainly because of more megapixels and more options to use (better night photography etc).

Have you any experience about these two cameras, is it a better idea to buy the Coolpix despite of the bigger price (828 euros in Pixmania, i know the camera is cheaper in the USA, but i would have to pay for customs here in EU)?

How good is the Coolpix as a shoot and point camera? Most of my photography is shoot and point, but i want my camera to have all possible manual controls. An SLR is not anoption for me, because i want a camera that does good enough both macro and zoom and don't want to pay for the lenses (and carry them). I have now a film SLR with just the default lense and can use it, if i need more speed etc.

- Ville -

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